5 Lies Relating To Burning Fat


It is always a challenge to eliminate body fat, regardless of the amount of effort is put into the activities in the gym. Individuals might have been the victim of a lie about burning fat. If the individual wants to eliminate fat successfully and effectively, they should ensure that they are conscious of the five following lies regarding burning fat.

Too Much Muscle Results From Resistance Training

In the event that the individual is seeking that lean appearance, others might have advised against lifting heavyweights. This is in case the individual ends up being too bulky rather than actual fat loss. Instead, these other people will recommend lifting weights that are lighter and completing additional reps. These other individuals are dead wrong. Weights that are lighter simply will not produce the level of metabolic impact required to activate fat loss.

This means that the individual may not be experiencing the entire fat-burning effect of their training sessions. An amazing weight loss method is using heavier weights with resistance training. This is due to the fact that as the individual’s strength develops, the more fat they will burn even when not working out. Frequent resistance training using heavier weights aids in amplifying the rate of metabolism by as much as fifteen percent. This then increases the rate at which the individual will burn calories.

Crunches Lead To A Flat Stomach

Individuals seeking a defined flat stomach have been for years choosing crunches. However, they are simply wasting time doing this. And you are included in the event that you are completing hundreds of crunches in the hope of losing body fat around the abdominal area. Crunches are considered a very ineffective exercise for losing fat. Researchers evaluated a group of individuals doing crunches each day to a control group of individuals doing absolutely nothing.

The researchers discovered that no obvious difference in the amount of body fat between both groups was noticed. This experiment was conducted over a six weeks period. As a matter of fact, 22,000 crunches are required to burn 1 pound of body fat, according to the experts. It is impossible to target the stomach for specific weight loss; however, individuals have the ability to speed things up. Individuals could attempt combining hill training and sprint intervals with high-intensity cardio sessions, in association with core building, like planks. Such a workout regimen will supercharge the metabolism as well as strengthen the core simultaneously.

Leg Fat Is Eliminated Using Leg Extensions

It is being said over and over, spot based workouts are not effective at burning fat. However, you could enter any gym around the world and see individuals on a leg press for what might seems like hours. As they attempt to eliminate the fat around their thighs. Unfortunately, this will not be successful. Leg extensions are considered isolated exercises which result in the development of the quadriceps.

However, absolutely nothing is done for the fat which surrounds them. What this will result in is toned quadriceps that are hidden behind a layer or layers of fat. Individuals really need a compound workout that will define the legs as it burns fat. An excellent fat-burning leg-based workout session is completing reps of jumping lunges. Imagine a typical lunge that then pounces into a lunge with the next leg, while the arms are swinging. It resembles an exaggerated variant to running in place.

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Individuals Should Stick To The Same Workout

When an individual finds a workout regimen that works for them, it could be enticing to stick with it indefinitely. This is considered a massive no-no for fat burning. It is thought that individuals take approximately three weeks in order to adapt to an exercise regimen. After this time the results from this particular workout will slowly shrink. And in no time the individual will reach that dreaded fat loss plateau.

This is the reason that if the individual wants to burn fat effectively, they will need to shake up and mix up the workouts. This is not to say that the individual needs to switch the workout regimen each day. All they need to do is challenge their body periodically by completing a variety-filled circuit training session. This way they will realize continued fat loss results. In the event that circuit training is not possible, variety could be as simple as altering the number of reps in particular exercises.

Ab-Stimulators Will Provide Flat Stomachs

The fat-burning lie that ab-stimulators could provide a flat stomach has spawned millions of dollars for the industry. Researchers tested these stimulators and discovered that the devices actually contracted the abdominal muscles. However, it was not able to trigger the neural or chemical signs which lead to the development of muscle. This means that the devices are effectively a complete waste of time.


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