Useless Exercises For Weight Loss


The majority of individuals have a tendency to think that any variety of physical activity will result in weight loss. However, as it turns out, this conclusion is incorrect. If the goal of the individual is to lose weight and become slimmer. The individual needs to stop with the exercises which lead to gaining muscle. As they make the individual appear visually larger.

Here is a list of exercises that are considered ineffective for weight loss and their replacements. However, never neglect the three basic rules that every individual must follow to achieve their weight loss goals. In order to lose excess weight, perform workouts using lighter weights, however, do additional reps with shorter breaks. Alter the exercise program and try variations of exercise using the same muscle group. Combine strength and cardio exercises.

Side Tilts With Weights

In order to achieve amazing washboard-looking abs, several females perform side tilts holding dumbbells or various kinds of weights. This is an exercise that focuses on the development of the obliques as it visually makes the stomach appear bigger. Thus, making the waistline a bit less noticeable. Instead, swap these for tilts without the use of weights. Or even use weights that are no heavier than four pounds. Plus, do not engage in this exercise more than once every seven days.


Squats are considered one of the most effective workout movements as it relates to firming the thighs and buttocks. However, if there is extra weight and the muscles are covered in deposits of fat. Engaging in squats will just make those parts of the body appear bigger. In addition, squats will pump up the legs as well as the buttocks. Try not to be led astray with barbell squats. Individuals should initially begin with squats without any weights. Complete thirty to forty reps for four to five sets. Break-in between for no longer than forty seconds.

Abduction & Adduction Of The Hips

The inner thighs and the outer thighs are considered the most challenging areas when it pertains to fighting body fat. When it comes to developing a slimmer body, females have a tendency to perform machine weight-assisted hip exercises. Typically, at a gym. However, this power weight training does not translate into weight loss. Stop with the machine weight-assisted abduction and or adduction exercise. Try weight-free lunges or use very low weights.

Weight Assisted Back Exercises

Strengthening of the back with back exercises is vital for individuals doing power training. However, performing these exercises regularly and using heavy weights could result in the back being too wide. This could lead to the figure of the individual appearing disproportionate. Back exercises should be done no more than once every week, with very little weight. The warmup of the individual prior to the exercise ought to involve hyperextensions. This will assist in strengthening the back muscles and not increase muscle mass.


This is a very convenient exercise and a go-to for many individuals’ training. It does not require any form of equipment and can be done anywhere at any time. However, it should not be overdone, push-ups will strengthen the triceps, triceps brachii, and pectoral muscles. In the event that the individual has an additional weight, working out these particular muscles will make the shoulders and arms visually bigger. Try replacing these push-ups with planks. This exercise will assist in the strengthening of the major muscle groups and the stomach will become tighter.


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