6 Protein Powders That Help With Weight Loss

Feeding your muscles on the fly has never been easier, but many protein powders on the market are loaded with enough scary chemicals and additives to earn them a spot among the unhealthiest foods on the planet. Just because your protein is a powder doesn’t mean you have to settle for one with a label that reads like a science experiment. These natural plant-based protein powder brands offer the protein you crave and serious nutritional benefits for every goal, from bodybuilding to weight loss.

1. Aloha Plant-Based Superfood Protein

Milk the benefits of this tasty, plant-based protein powder by slipping it into one of your quick weight loss smoothies or protein shakes. The organic, vegan protein powder is made with hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds and peas for an impressive punch of 18 grams of protein per serving — with no chemicals or artificial fillers. And while it may be gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free, it’s certainly rich in flavor. When you try this in a shake recipe that is originally dairy-based, you’d swear it was the real thing from its rich texture and flavor.

2. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70

Since hemp protein is easily digested, it’s a great pre-workout way to build mass without meat and make sure you don’t cramp up at the gym. And though hemp may conjure mental images of burlap and peaceful protests, make no mistake about the warrior strength of this protein and its health benefits. In addition to a hefty helping of plant-based complete protein per serving, hemp also boasts heart-healthy doses of anti-inflammatory omega-3s.

3. PlantFusion

You can choose from an array of sinful sounding flavors like cookies and cream and chocolate raspberry with this blend of pea and artichoke (yes, artichoke) protein and a proprietary enzyme blend. The powder also uses quinoa and amaranth, an ancient grain brimming with nutrients that may prevent cancer and have anti-inflammatory properties. The 21 grams of protein per serving should be enough to convince you to finally part with your old tub of whey.

4. VegaOne

Loaded with six servings of greens, probiotics, antioxidants and 50% of your daily intake of food-based vitamins and minerals, this super clean protein powder is difficult to turn down. With tasty flavors like vanilla chai and berry, water alone is enough to create a tasty shake you’ll actually like sipping. If you have more time, combine a scoop — which doles out 20 grams of protein — with unsweetened milk alternatives and a frozen banana for an irresistible milkshake-like creation.

5. Garden Of Life Raw Protein

This complete protein showcases 13 raw and organic sprouts, with 17 grams of protein per serving, and all the essential amino acids your body needs. Just make sure you whip up a smoothie using a healthy fat like nut butter or avocado. Makers of this powder load it with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, which can only be fully absorbed by your body when paired with a healthy fat. Their original unflavored powder works in any post-workout shake, but we’re suckers for slimming, satisfying chocolate versions.

6. SunWarrior Protein

Another great raw protein option, this GMO-free powder derived its muscle-building power from raw organic pea, cranberry and hemp seed protein. Their classic vanilla protein powder relies on raw whole-grain brown rice protein for 15 grams a serving and pairs well with coconut milk for a refreshing, refueling beverage best enjoyed right after your workout.

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