6 Quarantine Weight-Gain Mistakes


These are the common habits to be mindful of in order to stay healthy and fit at home. In the grand scheme of things, putting on a few pounds during this COVID-19 pandemic should be the least of your concerns. As long as you’re safe at home, staying healthy, and doing everything you can to prevent the spread of the virus, that’s all that matters. That said, self-quarantining and social distancing don’t exactly present the most healthy or active lifestyle.


1. Too Much Snacking.



We’re all trying our best to deal with the surplus of idle time at home, but if you’re like me, you may be finding yourself venturing to the kitchen way more often than usual. Oh, I’m bored? I guess I’ll just see what’s going on in the fridge or pantry. Thing is, not all snacking is unhealthy, but too often, the most satisfying snacks happen to be the worst for you—loaded with empty carbs, sugar, and salt, which are not great for you in excess.



2. Ordering Too Much Take Out And Delivery.



This is by far the best way to continue to support your local restaurants, most of which are in dire need of your support. But, know that many restaurants are preparing food that tastes good and pleases their clientele, but those ingredients or portion sizes don’t necessarily keeps you fit. Support restaurants, but also be mindful of how much you’re eating.



3. Drinking (Too Much) Alcohol.



Let’s be honest: Nearly everyone is consuming more alcohol during these trying times than ever before. One, maybe two glasses of wine or a cocktail are typically okay. But binge drinking or getting drunk? Well, it’s not only bad for you, but it has a cumulative effect on your body, mind, and weight.



4. Inactivity.



We’re all binge-watchers of cable news or streaming TV right now, and/or glued to our laptops in order to work from home… which leads to a lot of sitting time, and way less moving time. Moving your body and working out leads to healthier habits. So if you can, go for a safely and social-distanced walk. If that’s not possible, do some stretches, planks, ab exercises, jumping jacks, burpess, or running in place at home.



5. Ignoring A Routine.



One of the most disorienting parts of the way we are living our lives now is the loss of our old routines (think: Getting kids prepped and out the door for school, showering and getting dressed for a morning commute, etc.). But, starting a new routine can be key to staying healthy.



6. Not Watching Your Portion Sizes.



People are preparing a lot of comfort food during these stressful times, because, well, comfort food provides happiness and warm, fuzzy feels. But, a downside of comfort food is that, all too often, it comes with massive portion sizes and loads of butter or cheese.


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