8 Fruits For Weight Loss

It’s no secret that fruit is part of a healthy meal plan. Fruits are loaded with essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals, along fiber to keep you full between meals. Fruits’ natural sugar also makes them a satisfying substitute for sweet cravings. Everyone is a little bit different when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. If you find that fruit is hindering your weight loss efforts, rest assured that you can still get several of the same nutrients from non-starchy vegetables instead. Some people find it easier to lose weight when eating fewer carbohydrates (which includes certain fruits). A dietitian can help you discover a personalized meal plan and exercise program that works best for your body. Here’s a look at the best fruits to focus on if you’re trying to lose weight.


Apples are a wholesome favorite. As the ultimate snack, apples are filling, juicy, crunchy, and portable. Apples are well-known to help with weight loss, a fact that’s backed up by scientific studies. The role of apples in weight loss should come as no surprise, considering they’re full of fiber, a nutrient that’s known to boost feelings of fullness and ward off hunger pangs. It’s easy to get your daily dose of apple: Chow down on a whole apple (apples are a packable snack), add pieces of apple to your oatmeal, throw slices into a salad, bake apples with chicken, or make a healthy, delicious version of apple crisp. 1 large apple: 116 calories, 5g fiber.


Watermelon is a double whammy: It’s low in calories with high water content. This means you can eat 2 cups of watermelon for less than 100 calories because watermelon is over 90% water. Getting extra water through fruit helps promote balanced eating habits, as staying hydrated improves appetite regulation. If you’re looking to lower your daily calorie intake, watermelon can be a great choice. Watermelon satisfies your sweet tooth and boosts your hydration status. 1 cup diced watermelon: 46 calories, 0.6g fiber.

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