Diabetic Diet – Eating Tips To Harness Your Health


Diabetes is a debilitating condition without a permanent cure. The good news is, there are many people who have been battling this condition with much success. Aside from their daily medications, they also use a diabetic diet to help lower down blood sugar levels and prevent fat build up.
The American Dietetic Association is pushing the starch, fruit, and vegetables diabetic diet. Starchy foods such as cereal and bread should be a part of your meal plans. According to them, it is more ideal to incorporate six servings of these starchy foods in your meals. There are also several kinds of starchy vegetables and beans. Try incorporating black beans or garbanzo beans. They are also rich in proteins that can help improve energy levels and prevent cravings.
A piece of fruit can be eaten as a snack. Try fiber-rich fruits such as oranges, apples, and bananas. Make sure you also add vegetables. You can add raw vegetables as your snack or main meal.
It also helps to add more fibers to your diet. Fiber-rich fruits aid digestion and help diabetics because it prevents the body from absorbing more glucose from the intestines. So try eating whole grain and whole foods. Switch to oatmeal, whole-grain cereal, or whole wheat pasta and bread. It has also been found that carrots, a fiber-rich vegetable, can improve blood sugar levels.
Also, a good diet does not encourage you to ditch sugar, fat, and carbohydrates completely. But the way our body absorbs and digests the food we eat also has got something to do with how much glucose it will absorb. That being said, not all sweet foods can have the same effect. For instance, eating potatoes might raise blood sugar levels faster than ice cream because our body takes more time to digest its fat content. Experts advise carbohydrate counting. This method involves controlling your carbohydrate intake by counting the number of carbohydrate grams you are taking in. This will allow you to determine the right amount of food you are going to eat and the amount of exercise you are going to incorporate in your life.