Exercises With Household Items For Full-Body Workouts


We can all agree that working out at home can be a struggle sometimes. Not only do endless distractions exist — snacks, Tiger King on Netflix and your pet being the cutest quarantine animal ever — but it’s easy to fall into a creative rut when it comes to your workouts. If you didn’t have time to run to a sporting goods store to pick up a pair of dumbbells after all of the gyms shut down, you may well already be tired of body weight-only workouts as Americans approach the month-long mark of staying at home.

So if your workouts need some pizzazz or you’ve just gotten too darn strong for regular body weight squats, look to your pantry, these are all items you probably have at home, too. If you don’t have one of these, substitute with something similar in size and weight. Two containers of bulk-size sauce (or two items of equal weight, such as two soup cans or two bags of sugar). These should be easy to grip. A paint can (doesn’t have to be completely full).
Two unopened bottles of wine — or liquor. Your choice. A full gallon of water. A backpack full of books or other heavy items. A soccer ball or something similar in size and weight.



1. Backpack Squat And Press



This move seems simple — it’s just a squat into a shoulder press — but it’s notoriously difficult. A few rounds of 10 reps will have you huffing and puffing. You can use a backpack full of books here, but feel free to use any object you can grip with both hands.



2. Water Jug Kettlebell Swings



It elicits both a cardiovascular and strength response and targets all of the major muscle groups: It’s great when you’re short on time but still want a tough workout. You can use one or both hands depending on what you choose as your weight and how it grips.



3. Soccer Ball Sit-Ups



Sit-ups sometimes get brushed off in favor of tougher ab exercises such as planks and v-ups. But when performed correctly, sit-ups can have a strong place in any workout routine — especially when you incorporate an overhead press for an added challenge.



4. Soccer Ball Russian Twists



Work your obliques with Russian twists. You can keep your feet in contact with the ground, or elevate them for more of a challenge. Try three sets of 30 reps with a 30-second rest in between sets.


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