Foods That Are Bad For Your Abs


Whether you like it or not, abs are a fashion statement of modern times. You can see influencers all across the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter flaunting their chiseled abs. It is tough to obtain the perfection of six-pack abs, and it would hurt if you lose due to the wrong choice in food. Yes, some foods can destroy your abs and tear down the dream physique.

So it is essential to identify these foods and avoid them to maintain that body you have worked so hard to have. Here is the list of foods that can increase your belly fat and destroy your abs.

Refined Grains

Often to enhance the shelf life and give them fine texture, the grains are processed and milled. This practice often erodes the irons, dietary fiber, and vitamins from them. Examples of these kinds of refined food are white pasta, rice, and white bread. The researchers at Pennsylvania State University found out that people who followed a diet of whole grains with healthy food items such as vegetables, fruits, protein, and low-fat dairy lose more bodyweight than the people who ate the same healthy diet but with refines grains.

Processed And Red Meat

The study conducted by the same researchers mentioned above found that students gained more weight when they ate more processed red meat.  A survey conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on 37,000 people found that people consumed small amounts of steak led to weight gain. 

Diet Soda

A popular drink among the masses but a very notorious weight enhancing element is soda. Everybody just gets fooled by the zero-calorie label, but in reality, it consists of sugar that leads to trans-fat and weight gain. A study with people who drank diet soda gained three times the abdominal fat than people who never drank it. Weizmann Institute of Science found that mice that ate artificial sweeteners with water gained weight and became vulnerable to glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.

Fast Foods

Fast foods are silent killers, and it is one evil diet that destroys our generation by hurting their overall health. It is your first-class ticket to an expanded waistline. If you regularly eat fast food high in calories, you consume much more calories needed by the body. This increases your weight and adds up to bad cholesterol in the body, which leads to ailments like blood pressure, heart diseases, and other conditions.

Packaged Snacks

It is tempting to buy packaged snacks at the store. These items are individually packaged and easy to grab on the go, but are these items worth it? Most packaged snacks are full of processed ingredients and high fructose corn syrup. Instead of buying these unnutritional items, consider buying more fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, and other healthy snack options. 


Your abs result from your hard work and dedication; not many on this planet can boast of having them. So it is crucial to protect them at any cost, even if that means avoiding your favorite food. A healthy diet filled with good food sources like vegetables, fruits, and liquids that are great for health like juices, green tea, and coconut water should be included in your diet. 


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