Foods That Contribute To Belly Fat – 5 Specific Foods You Would Want To Avoid!

Have you been noticing a slight thickening in the middle part of your body these past few months? The build-up of belly fat is actually a gradual process brought about by eating specific foods that go into your mouth and falls down right into your belly. If you don’t want to sport a flabby belly, you would want to avoid foods that contribute to belly fat.
You should reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates-rich foods. We tend to binge on these foods subconsciously because they are easily accessible. You can easily reach for that piece of white bread or eat a plateful of white pasta. But the problem with these foods is that they make you feel hungry a few hours after eating them. They do not fill you up quite as well as protein-rich foods. In addition to that, the fructose content of these foods can make the body produce more fat.
Soda and bicarbonate drinks that contain refined sugar are some of the foods that contribute to belly fat. You are chugging in calories without any benefits. Also, it has a high level of refined sugar and fructose that can increase body fat build-up.
Don’t forget to steer clear from foods rich in trans fat such as potato chips, cookies, crackers, cupcakes, fast foods, and processed foods. They have a natural fat content that is bad for the body. These are the fats that typically solidify when they are stored at room temperature.
Foods rich in saturated fats are also as bad. Not only can they make you gain stomach flaps but they can also cause a rapid gain of weight. You can find saturated fats in most meat produces such as pork, beef, lamb, and chicken. These are also found in processed meat products such as bacon and sausage.
And to cap off this list are canned foods. If you are too tired to prepare your own meals and you are just relying on canned foods for your daily sustenance, you could be in danger of building belly fat. These foods are rich in empty calories and salt. Salt tends to hold on to water molecules in the body which will then make you feel bloated.