Home Exercise To Remove Belly Fat


Everyone wants to have a healthy look. A healthy lifestyle is considered a happy life. However, at times because of hectic schedules, individuals are not capable of hitting the gym. Plus they are quite often too lazy to leave the comfort of their homes. Attempting to lose weight is normally the number one priority for every New Year resolution. Well, there will be no more excuses.

Below there is an exercise regimen that can be completed effectively at home. This workout routine has been proven to quickly get rid of that stubborn belly fat. The exercises should be performed using on and off intervals. Twenty seconds on, ten seconds off. Each exercise should be repeated for eight rounds. Afterward, take a break for one minute, then on to the next exercise.

Five Jumping Jacks & One Burpee

Begin by completing jumping jacks by standing straight. Place the arms over the head and then jump with the feet spreading put away from the body while in the jump. Complete this movement five times. Then it is time for a burpee. Bend the back, place the palms of your hands on the floor. Then lower the body to the ground. Followed by jumping backward so that the feet go into the push-up position. Then jump again and the feet should move back under the chest. Complete this movement once and then back to jumping jacks.

Four Mountain Climbers & Two Sit Throughs

Begin by completing the mountain climbers. Start by getting into the plank position. Then pull one knee towards the midsection. Attempt raising the knee as far as possible, once comfortable. Switch knees and then repeat this movement with it. Each hop is counted as one. This should be done four times. Afterward, move into a position to commence sit-throughs.

In order to complete this exercise, place yourself in the push-up position. Raise your right hand and the left leg off the floor. Bring the right hand up to the head and kick the left leg through. While completing this exercise, turn the body and the hips in order for the buttocks to touch the floor. Then return to the pushup position. Repeat this with the left arm and right foot. Complete twice before commencing the mountain climbers again.

Plyo Step Ups

In order to perform plyo step-ups, the individual will require a chair that is not too high. Begin with placing one foot on the chair. Apply the bodyweight to that foot and jump up. During the jump, switch feet so that the other foot lands on the chair. Continue to do this exercise for eight rounds.


Lie down with the toes on the floor as the body is being supported by using the hands. Ensuring that the elbows are kept close to the body, lower the entire torso to the floor in order that the elbows form a ninety-degree angle. Lift the body up by pushing the floor away from the body. This movement should be repeated eight times.

Two Split Squat Jumps & One Burpee

Begin by standing straight up and then jump directly into a lunge position. Ensure that the front knee does not go beyond the toes. Afterward, jump and switch the legs, so that the back foot becomes the front foot and vice versa. Complete these movements twice then switch to the burpee.

Toe Taps

Using a ball is required for this exercise. To begin, place a toe over the ball, hop and switch feet, by tapping one foot and then the other on the ball.

Plank Walks

Begin this movement by resting on the floor with the forearms. Move the feet towards the backs in order that the body creates a straight line from the feet to the shoulders. Then push up from the floor into an elevated press-up position. Using one arm at a time. Ensure that your back always remains in a rigid plank position.

Sprinter Sit-Ups

Begin by lying flat on the floor. Point the forearms in the direction of the sky and form a right angle with the rest of the body. Then complete a crunch with the elbows still bent, bringing the opposite leg to the hand up as well. Then repeat.

Squat Thrusts

Begin by positioning the body in the push-up position and jump with the knees coming to the chest. Then jump in a manner that the body returns to the push-up position.

Sumo Goblet Squat Pulses

Begin by spreading the feet wider than shoulder-width and place the feet at a forty-five-degree angle. Then complete ninety-degree angle squats and then come up halfway prior to going back down again.


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