Juicing To Lose Weight – Is This Really Effective?


Aside from dieting and exercising, you can also try juicing to lose weight. This is a simple and practical solution to your weight loss needs. One of the main reasons why juicing is such an effective and popular weight loss scheme is the speed at which it delivers results. You can shed off weight in a matter of days. It has been reported that an average person can lose one pound in a day using this weight loss scheme. Some have even lost as much as 3 pounds in a day.
Unlike other diet programs that can make you feel sluggish or can drain your energy, juicing to lose weight can preserve your energy levels, if not improve it. You are mainly getting juice extracts from fruits and vegetables, thereby getting the most nutrients out of them. With those nutrients infused in your body, your health can be given a good boost.
It also gives your metabolism a push. Many people fear that juicing alone can slow down the metabolic process of the body. After all, you are going without solid food for long hours. It is true that a reduction in calorie intake will slow down the metabolic speed and rate of your body. But as the juice cleanses your system, it will somehow reset your over-all health functions so you can have an increase in metabolic performance. At the end of the day, this will teach you to eat less without feeling lethargic. In order to make sure that your metabolic rate is up to par, combine this with exercise.
What is great about juicing is that it aids in proper digestion. Many people overlook this part of their weight loss program. They immediately embark on various dieting escapades without thinking about how it will affect their digestive system. The juices extracted from vegetables and fruits have very high fiber content so it can aid in proper digestion. Colon walls are also cleansed and hardened or collected feces are removed. These impurities can actually impair your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. We can say that juicing is not only effective in making you lose weight but also in making your body a lot healthier.