Little Things That Prevent Us From Losing Weight

As stated by the World Health Organization, over the last four decades, obesity across the planet has almost tripled. It could be really difficult to lose weight, individuals try to stay on various diets and count calories. They even try completing exhausting workouts. However, there are specific habits that the majority of individuals practice every day which hinders their efforts at weight loss. The following are some of these habits that prevent weight loss. As a matter of fact some of them do the opposite and help individuals gain weight.

Skipping Breakfast

Scientists have confirmed that individuals who consume breakfast have a tendency to lose weight rather than gain it. The researchers assessed 350 individuals and those that ate breakfast consistently had smaller waistlines when compared to those that did not. It is kind of obvious, that if an individual skips their morning meal, they would likely be ravenous by lunchtime. This would encourage them to eat more.

Not Drinking Adequate Amounts Of Water

Consuming water assists in burning additional calories and benefits losing weight. Research on obese females assessed the impact of increased water intake on the weights of these females. The conclusion revealed that in twelve months, drinking one liter of water each day resulted in two kilograms of weight loss. Therefore the next time an individual considers what to drink, select a good glass of water.

Late Night Eating

Research has proven that it is better to stay clear of late meals unless gaining weight is the goal. If food is eaten late, the body will most likely store the calories as fat instead of burning them. A light snack consumed in the evening would be fine, however, try to avoid the refrigerator before going to sleep.

Skimping On Sleep

The weight of an individual could be seriously impacted by depriving oneself of sleep. When an individual is overtired, they skip on exercising and have the tendency to opt for snacks high in carbohydrates. They also drink excessive amounts of coffee. What is more is that sleep deprivation could lead to a delayed metabolism. Therefore, try to get a minimum of seven hours of sleep each day.

Becoming Distracted While Eating

In the event that individuals are going to eat their meal, try to do this without being distracted. For example, try not to watch television or surf the internet. Becoming distracted as you eat makes the individual consume more according to studies. Meanwhile, focusing on the meal and savoring each bite, allows the individual to enjoy the meal more. They have more control over the quantity of food they will eat.

Consuming Fat-Free Foods

This may appear paradoxical; however, adhering to a diet that concentrates on fat-free foods might result in gaining additional pounds. Eliminating fat from food will really make individuals crave extra and lead to overeating. What is more is that removing fats from dairy stops individuals from absorbing vitamins A and D and calcium.

Binge Drinking

Each time you reach out for a glass of beer, think again. Drinking beer results in excessive body fat, especially around the belly. Heavy consumption of any form of alcohol beverage is known to increase the body weight. If individuals are really concerned about their weight, they would reconsider having happy hour, so often.

Sitting At A Desk All Day

Research confirms that there is a correlation between being seated for prolonged periods and obesity. Therefore try to move about every sixty to ninety minutes. Individuals could also set alarms to remind themselves of when to stand and stretch. Try to complete some chair exercises or take a walk, even if it is just to the car park and back. Remember to add movement to each day.

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