Lower Belly Fat Exercises: Burning And Toning


Lower belly fat is so disgusting, especially to women. This can greatly affect your appearance whenever you are wearing semi-fitted clothes. Because of this, lots of affected women are already afraid of wearing such clothes. The only solution for this problem is to look for lower belly fat exercises.

Lower belly fat exercises are often divided into two parts which are burning of the lower belly fat and toning it.
Let’s now go to the first part which is the burning of lower belly fats. So how can we really burn those fats effectively? The answer is very simple. Simple exercises can actually burn fats. The cardiovascular exercises are reliable in getting rid of fats such as walking, jogging, running, rowing the boat, climbing the stairs/walls/mountains, martial arts sessions, and the daily aerobic sessions. If you will notice, these activities will give you more fun if you do it with a group. You will surely forget being tired while performing these exercises if you will chat with your companions.

If you are looking for exercises that will surely a faster desirable output, try the body strength exercises. These exercises are 100% harder than the cardiovascular exercises but these exercises will assure you desirable results. Some of the popular body strength exercises are bench presses, pull-ups, curl-ups, chin up, squat thrusts, back rows, and lunges. Again, go with the group. These exercises would be a lot easier if you will share your hardships with your friends.

After burning the fats, you will need to tone it. Toning will make your shape more desirable. There are plenty of routines for toning your lower belly. The first routine will be reverse crunches. In performing reverse crunches, you will just need to lie down on the floor and slowly bend your knees. This will develop the shape of the lower abs. the next routine will be the hanging leg raises. This is a difficult toning routine and not that suitable for beginners. The routine goes like this: Grab a hanging bar (mostly seen in gyms). Hang there while maintaining your arms straight. Slowly, pull up your thighs until reaching a 90 degrees position with your upper torso. After that, do your best to make your knees reach your chest. Don’t move too much because you may break your arms and fall. Now, repeat this routine until you can. You are not required to do this many times per session but this routine is very effective in ripping off your lower belly muscles.
These two parts of belly fat exercises should always accompany each other as much as possible to achieve the best results.