Shots To Lose Weight – Do They Really Work?


Have you ever heard of shots to lose weight? If this is your first time hearing about this weight loss treatment, you would want to know first what exactly is waiting for you if you try this. Shots or injections are given to those people who want to lose weight.
There are different varieties of shots to lose weight. Perhaps the most popular is the HCG shots. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is a type of hormone produced by a woman’s body during pregnancy. The effects of HCG on weight loss have been discovered years ago.
The results are not the same for all those who tried it. There were those who reported high weight loss success but there were those who did not experience good results. Some of those who experienced good results said that the shots naturally made them lose weight. Aside from that, it actually pushed the consumers back on the track of fitness. They started eating fewer carbohydrates in a day. The shots also lessened their cravings and their feelings of chronic hunger.
There is no guarantee that it will work for you in the same way. Also, you have to seek the aid of a doctor before trying this one out. There have been a lot of incidents wherein consumers were scammed by online sellers of HCG shots.
Consult your doctor first before giving this a go. Make sure you also go over your other weight loss alternatives. The lure of weight loss injections is that they are easy. However, the easy way is not always a good way. Proper diet and daily exercise are still the undisputed best treatments for weight loss. You have to exert a little effort and discipline if you want to get the body shape you want.
On the other hand, dieting and exercising do not have to sound too daunting. You can start by getting rid of fats and high-calorie foods in your diet. Switch to protein and fiber-rich foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Switch to lean or white meat. Also, drink lots of water. Choose exercise programs that you can easily stick to.