What Happens To Your Body When You Lose Extra Weight


As stated by the World Health Organization, practically two billion individuals all across the world are overweight. Considering that the culture of society is focused on being fit, there is no surprise that several individuals want to lose weight. Additional weight is considered to be a large threat to the health of individuals. It is also the chief cause for the development of heart-related diseases and types II diabetes. Following are a few ways in which losing weight could impact the health of individuals.

Teeth Remain Healthy

For individuals between the ages of eighteen and thirty-six, obesity could be the main cause of the development of periodontitis. This is the inflammation of tissues that encompass the teeth. It has been confirmed that obesity is linked to an increase in occurrences of periodontitis in the younger population. However, the encouraging of physical activity, plus a healthy diet could assist. It would aid in preventing or at least slowing down the rate of the development of periodontitis.

Reduced Risk Of Kidney Failure

It is known that obesity results in the deficiency of nephron. These are unique cells in the kidneys that are responsible for the secretion of elements, absorption, and filtration. Therefore, nephrons have to accomplish a lot of tasks. If the fat tissue consistently increases, the mechanisms of the kidney will completely break down. This could result in serious kidney failure. Therefore, if an individual is overweight and loses additional weight, the risk of kidney failure will decrease.

Reduced Risk Of Type II Diabetes

When the body has lost all ability to manufacture insulin when sugar is present is known as type II diabetes. A huge quantity of fat deposits will cause cells to be less sensitive to insulin. Thus sugar remains in the blood, leading to the development of the disease. Although the majority of individuals that are overweight suffer from the disease, genetics also play a significant role as well. If several of the family members have the disease, health care providers strongly urge individuals to keep track of sugar. Also to watch their insulin levels. They are encouraged to get an adequate amount of physical activity and to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Nails & Hair Get Stronger

At some point in time, all females complain about their nails and hair and how dry they are. Sometimes this also includes cracking appearing close to the lips. However, if these issues become very pronounced, this might be an indicator of the deficiency in iron. Researchers discovered that there are many mechanisms that ultimately result in iron deficiency in the body. If it is resolved by fixing the metabolism via weight loss, individuals could eliminate the deficiency in iron.

Eradication Of Joint Pain

Regrettably, several individuals experience joint pain a lot more frequently than they would like. However, there is great news. If individuals are overweight and shed extra pounds, they could reduce the pain due to the joints carrying less weight. Researchers carried out a study and confirmed that the reduction in weight decreased the risk of osteoarthritis. This is a very common disease. It is clear that because of gravity, the decrease in weight reduces joint pain. However, the statistics are very favorable. For instance, in the older individuals, each pound lost resulted in the reduction of pressure on the joints by a multiple of four.

Chances Of Pregnancy Increases

It is has been widely observed, that a female that is too skinny, could have problems with her menstruation. This could lead to issues with the female becoming pregnant. This is also true with females that have extra pounds as well. It is vital to know that if a female is infertile; reducing her weight will not resolve the issue. However, losing additional weight and obtaining the optimal body weight will enhance the chances of becoming pregnant.

Chances Of Developing Specific Cancers Are Reduced

Researchers have discovered that there is a link between obesity and certain cancers. The presence of additional fat in the body affects the immune and metabolic processes. This also plays a significant role in the creation and development of tumor cells. It is also note worthy that additional weight in females encourages cancer more than when compared to males.

Cognitive Abilities Improve

Researchers discovered that the heavier an individual is the greater quantity of inflammation markers, special proteins, are in the blood. Plus, the number of amount of these proteins is linked to the level of intelligence. The higher the quantity of protein, the lower the IQ of the individual. The association between overall health and intelligence is much stronger than initially thought to be.

Individuals Live Longer

Additional weight impacts, not just the quality of life but the quantity of life as well. A study that involved close to four million individuals revealed that an increase in weight led to an increase in mortality. It is also noteworthy that mortality rates increase if the body mass index is too high or too low.


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