Top Tips For Losing Your Love Handles


Love handles are the second name of fat deposits that sit at both the sides of the waist and troops over the top of your pants. Excess fat has one more nickname as a muffin top, which is a real task to lose. Many people target this unique place with unlimited side crunches and another midsection workout, which targets the oblique muscles that run down the torso’s sides. Though this is not an efficient way to lose love handles that are not so lovely. Do you want to get rid of love handles for good? You need to let go of certain things and incorporate a few things in your daily life, for example, lifestyle and dietary changes, make the workout a habit. Here are some realistic strategies to get rid of love handles.

Reduce Added Sugar

The first thing to cut down is white sugar, and you can throw it out of your kitchen. Not having sugar will drastically clean up your whole system. Your body’s metabolism will be super, your immunity levels will be high, and you will feel more energetic. Here we are not talking about natural sugar found in whole fruits or healthy foods. Several ailments, health problems are linked to added sugar like metabolic syndrome and diabetes, heart disease. Having excess added sugar can make you sick. It can result in increased body fat, especially in the belly area. Be aware of simple sugar called fructose. Based on several studies, fructose, mostly from sweetened beverages, plays the key factor to increase belly fat. 

Moreover, primarily sugar-loaded foods have fewer nutrients and more calories. It’s a good idea to keep added sugar foods at bay and have such a diet with natural sugars and don’t add extra sugar to them. A diet with this incorporated will help to eliminate love handles and fats from the body.

More Healthy Fats

There are numerous delicious and healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, and olive oil, helping to trim your waistline. Healthy fats are tasty, delicious, make you feel full, and consume lesser calories food all day long. A study administered to more than 7000 people showed when participants ate high-fat Mediterranean food and olive oil; they experienced fat loss along with a more significant amount of weight and less belly fat deposition than those on a less calorie diet. Decrease body fat by replacing low nutrient-dense foods with healthy fats. Keep innovating healthy ideas such as adding slices of tasty avocado in your meal or olive oil in green salads. However, healthy fats are enormous in calories. Assimilating adequate amounts into your foods will help you shed pounds.

Add Soluble Fibre Foods To Your Diet

Incorporate high soluble fiber foods like nuts, oats, beans, vegetables, and nuts in your diet to shred your bulges as these foods keep you full for a long time and slow down your digestion, reducing your hunger pangs. The longer you stay feeling full, the lesser calories you consume throughout the day, leading to weight reduction. As per research on increasing 10 grams of soluble fiber per day, the subjects lost an average of 3.7% of their visceral fat in five years. Whole foods have some rich soluble fiber. Moreover, they help in increasing good bacterias. 

Move Throughout the Day

Look for simple and sustainable ways of reducing your weight. There are many living sedentary lifestyles and are engaged in long sitting jobs. Studies have proved that sitting for a more extended period is not suitable for your waistline. It would be great if you could set a timer every half hour to get up, stretch yourself a bit, take some steps. You can also consider buying a pedometer to count your steps and keep track of your movement daily. 

Do away with Stress

Stress impacts your immune system adversely. It throws your mind and body out of balance; in fact, you’ll be surprised to know that it even adds to your belly fat. You know why? Stress triggers excess production of a hormone called cortisol in response to stressful situations. Adrenal glands release cortisol, which is responsible for weight gain. However, it’s a natural and normal phenomenon, but overexposure leads to uninvited sicknesses like indigestion, weight gain, headaches, high blood pressure, and anxiety. 

Get Rid of Extra Fat by Weight Training

Indulge in physical activities to get rid of your extra fat, but adding a weight-training routine will help all the more. Aerobics also helps in cutting down calories. However, the former results in leaner muscles and burning calories while at rest, while the latter results in burning calories while working out. It is highly recommended to combine the weight-training and aerobics for shredding belly fat faster, as proved through a study consisting of 97 obese people. Additionally, strength training boosts your metabolism, resulting in the burning of higher calories throughout the day. 

Sleep Well

Lack of sleep also increases cortisol levels in your body, which again leads to weight gain. Studies reveal that sleep deprivation is a common cause of weight increase. People who undersleep weigh more than the ones who get enough sleep. A study based on more than 1000 people showed that people who sleep less than five hours per night have higher belly fat and overall weight than those who slept seven to eight hours per night. Sleep regression involves higher risks of getting diabetes and obesity. It would be best if you work on improving your sleep patterns. Listening to some soothing music at bedtime, meditation, or a good read may help get quality sleep.  

Increase Your Healthy Protein Intake

A high protein intake has always proved a trusted addition to the regular diet as it helps in fat loss and maintaining the right weight. A protein diet keeps you feel full for a much longer time and helps avoid any mid snacks, which add extra weight. A good source of healthy proteins are eggs, nuts, seeds, seafood, and poultry meats; adding them to your daily diet plan will help maintain a healthy weight and keep your cholesterol in control.

Increase Cardio Workouts

Any exercise that raises your heart rate for an extended period is cardio. Aerobics is one such cardiovascular workout that helps burn calories and reduce excessive fat that slims down your love handles. Many people get overwhelmed with aerobics’ rigorous nature. You could still start with low-intensity simple workouts.

Keep Yourself Well Hydrated

Keeping your body well hydrated is another good strategy for combating excess fat and maintaining good health. Switch to water instead of sweet drinks to satiate your thirst. Water is the best fluid you can drink. Sweet beverages like juices, soft drinks, energy drinks, tea, and coffee add to your sugar level and an undesired layer of fat around your waistline. What’s worse is that you don’t feel full when you sip on sugary drinks, and you end up drinking mindlessly, resulting in excessive caloric intake. 

Let’s Sum Up

You may have realized by now that it’s not that challenging to get rid of your love handles; it’s relatively more manageable than you would have thought. By setting a simple, regular exercise routine and switching from mindless eating to mindful eating, you can achieve your desired weight and figure. Adding soluble fiber foods to your diet, sleeping well, drinking a sufficient amount of plain water, and combining weight-training with aerobics can work well for you. 


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