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Daily Routines to Help Burn Fat


With the average U.S waist circumference pointing at a dangerous trend for American citizens’ health, there’s a dire need for some significant changes in the average person’s lifestyle. The problem of belly fat is no longer uncommon and distant. The sad news is that belly fat is not as harmless as it seems. There is also visceral fat -the most threatening type of fat. Visceral fat can be deadly –it’s known for wrapping around your organs, increasing your risk to suffer from diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome. Visceral fat can neither be seen nor pinched. Large waist and visceral fat often go hand in hand, and working for your health requires you to reduce this fat. But both types of fat can be shed with some ordinary, health-friendly habits. 

Have Your Breakfast 

Ample evidence is available to suggest that for succeeding in losing weight, you need to start your day right with a good breakfast. To simplify this, recall what happened the last time you skipped your breakfast. It’s most likely that you were so hungry you ended up binge-eating, and your plan of healthy eating went down the drain. An easy way of avoiding mindless munching is to have a nice and healthy breakfast. Talking about mindless eating, start eating mindfully. Give yourself the twenty minutes your brain demands to understand if you’re full. Enjoy your meal without any distractions, and be aware of what and how much you’re eating. Chew properly, and don’t be in a rush. Also, do not underestimate the importance of drinking enough water. When you make healthy changes to your routine, it shows in all chapters of your life. 

Say NO to Diet Coke 

Just because you think calorie-free Diet Coke is alright for you, it doesn’t become healthy. It’s quite alarming instead if you’re planning to lose belly fat. It is okay sometimes, but if you’re already used to drinking two (or more) diet sodas daily, your waist size will be significantly greater than people who do not drink it. There’s a simple reason behind it –diet drinks are chock-full of artificial sweeteners. They are very sweet, and your metabolism gets confused with it in the system. Since it’s tricked into expecting sugar, the insulin level rises, and your body resorts to a fat-storing state instead of a fat-burning state. This shift can be a significant setback for you. And when you have already challenging goals like reducing the harmful belly fat, every setback counts. 

Welcome Green Tea Into Your Life

Anyone who has tried to find help for weight loss would be acquainted with this standard tip –drink green tea. Green tea alone may not have miraculous results, but it’s undoubtedly useful, and if you’re serious about busting that belly fat, you need to replace your usual beverage with it. The compounds present in green tea, called catechins, make it such a waist-friendly morning habit. Green tea makes your metabolism pull up its socks, and more fat is released from your fat cells. The liver’s fat burning capacity is also enhanced, and you get incredible results with a simple healthy switch. It’s not just the benefit of green tea that should encourage you to ditch the usual cup of coffee –coffee has been noted to have the opposite and harmful effect on your belly fat. 

Take Five Minutes Extra

Not in slouching on the couch, but in walking. By increasing the time of your walking, you help your waistline to reduce. Consider ditching the lift for a little exercise by climbing the stairs. Don’t cover the entire distance with a bus –walk a bit more on your way home. Similarly, there are multiple options for you to burn calories. Don’t let the convenience of the modern world trick you into believing that walking is not essential. It was crucial and continues to be not just for your physical health but also your emotional and mental well-being. With more activities that encourage you to spend time walking, you get an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, away from the mind-numbing effect of technology. Increase the duration of your physical activity -start by adding half an hour more. 

Dark Chocolate is Good

Not everything about a weight loss routine has to feel like a chore. If you like chocolate and so far have detested all research regarding weight loss and how they’re bad for you –well, here’s some lovely news. Evidence points at the benefits of eating dark chocolates and the benefits include losing belly fat. You can get rid of a significant amount of belly fat by simply adding a serving of dark chocolate every day. All thanks to the flavonoids in dark chocolate. These are compounds that are good for your heart-health and have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The flavonoid content is of core importance here –and of course, the taste too –so pay attention that you’ve chosen a bar with a minimum of seventy percent cacao. Alkalized options, on the other hand, should preferably be avoided. 

Pepper is a Simple Ingredient

Saying bye to that harmful fat doesn’t seem so challenging with easy steps. Thanks to black pepper, we have some hope, after all. Black pepper has a compound called piperine. This compound is tremendously powerful and can be added to your day for losing belly fat. Piperine is not the latest discovery. Quite contrary, it’s been in use for medicinal purposes in the East for centuries. Various health conditions have been improved thanks to piperine. Tummy troubles and inflammation are two common problems for which piperine acts as a solution. There’s a strong suggestion by studies that pepper can also help reduce your waist size and keep a check on body fat and cholesterol levels. Just a sprinkle on your meals, and you’ll be taking leaps with your weight loss goals. 


 When there is such a deceptive problem ahead like visceral fat, it’s vital to remember extra information. Information like how even thin people can be in danger of life-threatening health risks. Belly fat must be paid heed to, mainly since more and more people fall into the trap of excess belly fat. Some common additions that you can welcome in your routine and the usual cardio and ab workout include taking more soluble fiber. 

Say yes to more flax seeds, avocados, legumes, blackberries, Brussels sprouts, and shirataki noodles. Avoid excess of alcohol and sugary foods, and, most importantly, take care of your mental health. High-stress levels are notorious for weight gain, and you don’t want that to impact your confidence, self-image, and health. While more and more people are walking with increased waist circumferences, there’s a bright side too. Awareness about the harmful belly fat is rising, and you can be spared from the risks with some simple habits. 


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  1. Thank you for valuable information. Wish our food industry would consider our health as a priority and stop using artificial sweetness as a labeled healthier option. Next goal is to learn more about healthy oils!

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