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Healthy Breakfast Habits To Start Your Weight Loss


As per the study conducted by the National Weight Control Registry, from the people who have managed to lose weight significantly, 78% did so without skipping breakfast. The researchers concluded that eating breakfast is a natural standard for the successful activation of weight loss. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that skipping breakfast does cut down your calories, but eating breakfast allows you to supply your body with vital micronutrients. Besides, a highly fibrous, protein-rich breakfast may be the most valuable investment you can add to your waistline.

In this particular write-up, we shall discuss some of the most healthy breakfast habits that promote weight loss

Soak In Some Sunshine

After getting out of bed, immediately open all the curtains. According to a study conducted by Ploss One, people having most of their daily exposure to bright morning sunlight have quite a lower body mass index than those who have a significant proportion of their light exposure later during the daytime, regardless of the amount. Besides, researchers suggest that 20 to 30 minutes of morning light is adequate to influence BMI. Even dim light with just half the sunlight’s strength on a cloudy day will work just fine. As per the study authors, morning rays help synchronize the body’s inherent clock managing circadian cadences and metabolism. 

Drink A Large Glass Of Water

Drinking water right after waking up is one of the genuinely good habits that promote weight loss. Dietitians, nutritionists, and other experts globally recommend drinking lots of water before breakfast for both-staying fit, as well as losing weight. Ample water consumption helps in flushing out most of the body’s toxins, boosting the metabolism. Besides, drinking a glass of warm water in the morning can help you lose weight and belly fat. It will assist in cleansing your entire system. In addition to that, drinking water diminishes your appetite and calorie consumption and maintains excellent hydration levels in the body.

Eat A Fiber-Rich Breakfast

Breakfast accounts for around 21% of the average person’s fiber consumption, versus 30% during lunch and roughly 40% during dinner. However, you could greatly benefit by shifting that balance a bit. Consider this research with a grain of salt as it was advised by Kellogg’s. Still, it does prove right: In a study of approximately eleven thousand adults, researchers have found that people who eat three or more grams of fiber in their breakfast tend to gain 14% more extra overall fiber during their day. Therefore, incorporating berries, greek yogurt, almonds, and so on in your breakfast is a remarkable way to start your day. 

Strike Off Sugary Cereals

There is no way of sugarcoating the fact that sugar does severe harm to your body. Most processed cereals contain excessive sugar, leading to obesity, diabetes, and other health issues. All these things are utterly contrary to the idea of weight loss and will, therefore, work against your goal. Besides, processed cereals are also high in unhealthy carbs, which may discourage weight loss. Always check the labels for its amount of sugar and carbs and either prefer buying low-sugar ones or entirely refrain from consuming them. 

Supplement Protein To Your Diet

Protein is one of the most valuable nutrients promoting weight loss. It happens because the body utilizes more calories to metabolize protein in comparison with fat or carbs. A study observed that increasing protein by 15 to 18% of calories causes weight-watchers to recover 50% less weight. Dietary protein is inversely correlated to belly fat. You consume the more high-quality protein, the less belly fat you have. A study of overweight Chinese teens shows that substituting a grain-dominated breakfast with an egg-based meal managed significantly added weight loss over three months.

Consume The Right Kind Of Protein

As mentioned above, protein plays a vital role in causing weight loss. However, it is of utmost importance to consume the right kind of protein. Indeed, bacon and sausage can delight your taste buds but can only make up for a good snack, not a healthy breakfast. The reason behind this is that several brands of preserved meats are stuffed with potentially dangerous nitrites and saturated fat, which generally adds up to your body fat. Instead, receive your morning protein from high-quality sources like eggs, canned wild salmon, Greek yogurt, etc. 

Eat Apples

Ditching fast food and adding apples to your breakfast is a daily habit that you should undoubtedly develop. Having an apple as a portion of your breakfast can help you prevent metabolic syndrome, a dysfunction affiliated with abdominal fat, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Apples will also help you keep muffin tops away. All of this happens because apples are a low-calorie and highly nutritional source of fiber. Studies have proven that consuming such a food item is fundamental to reducing visceral fat and maintaining your overall health, and this is precisely why they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 

Drink A Glass Of Milk

A study carried out by The Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennessee suggests that calcium-dominated food items like milk can help your body metabolize fat more effectively. Additional studies have registered that enhanced calcium intake from dairy products causes individuals to extract extra fat through their bowel movements rather than adhering around the body. Besides, milk carries the right blend of fat, calcium, and other essential nutrients to keep you active all day. It renders energy and boosts metabolism that helps cut down weight in a more robust way. Therefore, consuming milk in the most important part of the day, i.e., breakfast, is a great way to start the day. 

Well, these were some of the healthiest breakfast habits that positively impact your body weight. In addition to that, here are some more tips that you should consider:

  • Consume cooked vegetables
  • Dust some cinnamon on your food
  • Cut out bagels
  • Balance proteins with carbs
  • Try green tea
  • Have tasty and healthy smoothies
  • Add fruits like avocados, berries, etc. 

In Conclusion

Breakfast is usually called the most substantial meal of the day and for a genuine reason. As the name implies, breakfast breaks the overnight fasting phase. It refreshes your glucose supply to raise your energy levels and alertness while accommodating other necessary nutrients needed for excellent health. Breakfast is also able to promote weight loss, a bonus that most people look for. The information mentioned above will undoubtedly help you understand the importance of breakfast and why you should never skip it. Instead, have a nutritionally sound breakfast while you can still achieve the desired waistline


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