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Top Workouts For Better Abs


Are you ready to have six-pack abs like many celebrities or football players? Six-pack abs are a dream for many because your confidence level gets a boost. Let’s plan a bit and make it simple to achieve six-pack abs; trust us, it is not difficult. Proper ab workouts, a healthy diet that is high on nutrients, and avoiding junk food as much as possible is the key.

In the process of building and toning your body, injuries may happen at the gym, workplace, or your home. All you need is to have a strong core to save yourself from damages. Do you want to be better at yoga or running? The answer lies in your core, and by making it strong, you can fulfill some of your unfulfilled desires. 

However, it takes time to get a muscular body. There are many exercises and widgets that can transform your core power, provided you follow discipline diligently because that makes a real difference. Here are some abs exercises along with pro tips to make sure that you follow them sincerely. You can turn all these exercises into a single ab workout regime. 

Start with two sets of each physical activity and rest for 30 seconds between every set. Working consistently with sincere efforts always gives excellent results. 

Hardstyle Plank

Equipment Used: None 

Begin with lying face down on the ground; position yourself into a forearm plank angle. Ensure that your elbows are placed underneath your shoulders and hands curved in fists. Your forearms have to be parallel to each other. Hold each set for approx 10 to 20 seconds.

Useful tip

The critical point is to squeeze the body as much as possible, quads, core, back, glutes, and fists as tight as possible as you are taking breaths all along the hold. It doesn’t matter how many times you may have done it already; this workout is as tricky as you are ready to make this workout difficult, that means to enjoy it while working out, and it becomes more comfortable to hold with time.

Dead Bug

Equipment used: None.

Start with lying face-up on the floor and keep arms straight and above shoulders. First, bring your knees straight over to your hips. Now bend on your knees at a 90-degree angle.

Together, gradually lower your left arm above your head as you straighten your right leg and send it back to the floor. Take a moment, pause for a while, get back to the initial position, and repeat towards the opposite side. Keep alternating approx 14 reps to finish the set.

Useful tip

Ensure that your lower back is in contact with the floor, and keep breathing as normal as possible. This physical activity helps train left-right coordination among the upper and lower sides of the body, supporting improving cognitive function.

Dumbbell Side Bend

Equipment used: Single medium-weight dumbbell.

Begin with standing on your feet hip-width apart and in your right hand, grab a dumbbell with your palm facing towards the torso. Keep your back straight. Take a few breaths in so your core gets activated. Then bend towards the side at the waist, as far as possible from the body. Hold for 1 second and return to the beginning position for one rep. For one set workout, at least 12 to 20 reps.

Useful tip

Be careful while carrying the weight you are picking up; it must not be unbearable; it should be reasonable enough to lift. Carrying moderate weights can help you focus on totally keeping your abs tight for the ultimate results while exercising, and be careful to keep it at a slow pace. An actual six-pack is not the lifting part; it’s the burning sensation you experience all along during a workout.

Hollow Extension to Cannonball

Equipment Used: None

Step one: Lying down on the floor and then bringing your body’s upper part, lifting both knees, taking these close to the chest, and tucking both thighs.

Step Two: Stretch your body’s upper and lower parts in opposite directions.

Step Three:

  1. Come back to your initial position.
  2. Hold your legs a bit up in the air and make a 30°angle.
  3. Press your body’s lower back part against the ground.

Useful tips 

Hold and stretch your body as much as you can and repeat the stages back to back.

Final thoughts 

We have shared some core workouts that you can do without using the equipment. Each one of us has an altogether different body shape, weight, and metabolism. Not all the workouts are for everyone, but these are few chosen ones that anyone can exercise at home. Though the process will not happen overnight, you have to put sincere efforts and give your workout routine time. 

However, these ab workouts can transform your body in an excellent way for sure. Hardstyle plank, dead bug, hollow extension -o cannonball, dumbbell side blend, barbell back squat, and bird dog are the best chest workouts for creating a strong upper body and the best back exercises for a strong V-shaped torso. The best part of these workout steps is that you do not have to use any equipment, yet you will acquire a six-pack if you do these diligently. 


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